Branching Outwards


I have spent much of my working life helping people
      - to assess their situations,
      - to decide if and what changes they may want to make,
      - to plan realistically for the future and
      - to support them in working towards their goals.

I consolidated many years of experience by completing the well-respected Newcastle College Certificate and Diploma Life coaching courses, using long established techniques such as Neuro Linguistic Programming. I’ m registered as an Emotional Freedom Techniques Practitioner with the Association for the Advancement of Meridian Energy Techniques.


I offer general Life coaching for those who have arrived at a point where they wish to re-assess their lives, to consider possible changes and to set and work towards achievable, realistic goals.

Special Interests: I am particularly interested in helping people considering a move to France or to a more rural environment from city life. Many British inhabitants of France find various difficulties in living here and returns to the U.K. are frequent. I can support you to work around the difficulties and if conclusions that a return to Britain is the most realistic way forward, then I can help you to do this in a planned and organised not defeated way.

I also work supporting those living with migraine and living without a partner.


Telephone coaching with sessions of 45 minutes, for clients anywhere in the world (Skype available),

Face-to-face coaching for those within travelling distance or

“Residential” coaching. You are welcome to stay here on a Bed and Breakfast or other agreed basis, with coaching sessions available if desired. These do not have to be booked in advance, but can be arranged as needed when here.

You’re welcome to arrange a stay to retreat/stand back from your everyday life and find your own ways to reflect on whatever you want. I strongly believe that to relax in natural surroundings, observing both domestic and wild animals can help us to find ways to move onwards. Many psychologists, spiritual leaders and self-help books guide us towards living more consciously in the present. We’re encouraged to really experience what’s around us and to appreciate the here and now. For some people this can be more easily done when returning to a simpler situation.

Stay with complete freedom to enjoy the property and its surroundings; to learn from the library of self-help and fiction, to dream in a hammock in the field, to learn wisdom from the way a cat approaches its life, to gain peace from the contented companionable clucking of hens.

Individuals, couples or small groups welcome.

It may also be possible to arrange other learning opportunities such as French, yoga and art.

Please contact me to discuss what you feel you might want or for suggestions.