Branching Outwards

Writing and Editing Services


After obtaining a degree in English from Sheffield University, writing has always played a major part in my work. For many years I wrote reports for British courts, presenting a coherent description and analysis of the very often chaotic lives of offenders. Reports had to be understood by both offender and judge. I learned a great deal of discipline and skill in those years and have continued to enjoy the challenge of writing intelligently, clearly, within set guidelines and to deadlines.

I later taught these writing skills to postgraduates, and love helping others to hone their writing skills.

I’ve gone on to write on a variety of subjects, in a variety of forms, including articles on language learning, living in France, a handbook for workers on an out of hours phoneline for drug abusers, two distance learning courses and a children’s novel.

I also enjoy proofreading and editing and, amongst other texts, have worked on the official Probation Officers’ Manual, a text on local government and the web newsletter of the European Coaching Institute.

I write book reviews for Community Care and the Social Work and Social Policy Centre.


I write brochures, webcopy, articles, etc. for English speakers. Long experience in writing these has taught me that clear simple writing is not easy, but when achieved, can greatly enhance “sales” as potential clients quickly get to the point of your message and understand what they're buying.

I have written copy for tourist brochures, adverts, websites and articles. Examples of my writing can be accessed from the Resources and Links Page.

I edit and proofread: as well as writing from scratch, I will also edit what others have written. We are not necessarily experts in our own language – let me help you to find and to iron out any small errors which may irritate your readers. I can free you to concentrate on doing what you do best.

I’ve seen some really well produced websites spoiled by just one or two grammatical and/or spelling mistakes. These can make even the best produced site appear unprofessional. Don’t rely on your web developer to edit for you – several have told me they only reproduce text supplied and expect the writer to ensure it’s correct.

I will also edit longer pieces of writing. I most recently completed a very thorough editing of a Dutch author’s first novel which is about to be published.